The Multidisciplinary Master Degree in Cognitive Science and Theory of Communication was activated in the University of Messina since the academic year 2014/2015 and arises from the unification of two pre-existing degree courses, Cognitive Sciences (LM-55) and Theories of Communication (LM-92). The course provides a preparation in the disciplines that contribute to define the field of cognitive sciences and communication, in particular philosophy of mind, psychology and language, phenomenology, cognitive psychology, neuroscience, computer science and artificial intelligence, philosophy and communication disciplines and new media sciences. The course of studies has recently undergone an amendment in its teaching regulation that transforms it into an international course to be delivered integrally in English and predominantly in distance learning mode. This change is necessary in the light of the cultural and scientific features of the Master Degree.
First of all, the special disciplinary nature of the programme requires that it be delivered in English, in accordance with established practice at most universities in non-English-speaking European and non-European countries. It is worthy of consideration that classical cognitive science, with its contemporary ramifications, was born and consolidated in the United States between the Fifties and Seventies of the last century, to quickly establish itself, with an extremely significant impact, in the international academic community. This is even more necessary in view of the fact that more than a large amount of scientific production and conference activity is carried out in English-language publications, and that the few Italian translations available of the key texts, indispensable for the acquisition of the disciplinary contents of the programme, are outdated and therefore cannot reflect in full adherence the current state of a very effervescent and dynamic debate.
Secondly, the adoption of the distance teaching mode substantially contributes to the achievement of this objective. In the face of the continuing COVID emergency, which has forced the world academic community to adopt such methods, it was considered possible to transform an obligatory choice into an opportunity to be exploited. By this, it is meant to achieve the goal of a greater expansion of the student audience and the standardization of teaching and research activities promoted by the programme to the best practices established internationally.
In view of this project, Erasmus+ agreements have already been signed with the Universities of Lisbon and Wuppertal and three courses have been entrusted to foreign professors at the Universities of York, Moskow and Hanoi.
The work opportunities of the course include a wide range of employment opportunities in public and private structures and professional figures such as:
- researchers in cognitive and communication sciences;
- experts in neural networks;
- experts in cognitive rehabilitation;
- software designers, models designers, designers of automated systems and computer interfaces;
- experts in corporate, social, journalistic and multimedia communication and marketing;
- experts in advanced communication and education technologies;
- design of integrated communication environments;
- human resources workers.
The course is not articulated in curricula. The admission procedures do not require the performance of entrance tests. The possession of three-year degrees which provide basic training compatible with its disciplinary characteristics or, alternatively, 30 CFU in the scientific fields is assessed as a preferential requirement for enrolment without debts in the disciplines that qualify the curriculum. The course offers the opportunity to develop international experiences within the framework of Erasmus conventions active at the University of Messina, provides several training internships and offers the theoretical skills necessary to access the Phd in Cognitive Sciences, including the one activated at the COSPECS Department.

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