The Master Degree Program in Cognitive Science and Theory of communication organises periodic orientation meetings for incoming, in-course and outgoing students. The orientation and in-course tutoring services consist of consultancy and the provision of information to students in order to assist them during their university career and identify any criticalities in order to resolve them promptly. In particular, two tutors are provided: one of them, Chiara Lucifora (chiara.lucifora@unime.it), is a disciplinary tutor, who works in the virtual classroom and has specific technical skills in e-learning. The disciplinary tutor interfaces with the students and collaborates with the teachers in order to help them in developing the teaching content to be transmitted on Moodle or Teams. The other tutor (technical or course tutor), is Marta Arcovito (marta.arcovito@unime.it): she will guide the students in basic learning activities and offer support to teachers.
The Department in Cognitive, Psychological, Pedagogical Sciences and Cultural Studies has set up a permanent Front Office for Guidance and Didactics, which provides general information on courses offered and more specific information on guidance and tutoring to all students and individuals who need it on timetables, programmes, address choices and study plans.) The same information can be requested by students at infopointstudenti@gmail.com. The degree course offers assistance in carrying out training periods abroad and in promoting international student mobility, also pointing out training opportunities (masters, internships, apprenticeships). The degree course also facilitates dialogue between the University and business, promoting contacts and relations with the Industrial Liaison Office-ILO, which handles technology transfer activities for the University of Messina.
The departmental contact person for guidance and tutoring is Prof. Sebastiano Nucera (sebastiano.nucera@unime.it).

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