Professional profiles
The graduate is prepared to carry out the task of health promotion and disease prevention, as well as to diagnose the diseases, to prepare the appropriate therapeutic treatment along with monitoring the consequent course according to the ethical and responsibility principles related to the medical profession.
The course of study permits the acquisition of skills, even transversal, such as to allow the proper performance of the functions related to the profession. In particular:
- knowledge of the necessary scientific bases and theoretical and practical preparation according to the current directive for the practice of the medical profession;
- acquisition of a level of professional, decision-making and operational autonomy deriving from a learning pathway characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to the health problems of healthy or sick people, also in relation to the surrounding environment;
- competence in examining the data on the individual's health and illness status, in a single vision, interpreting them critically also in the light of basic scientific knowledge;
- knowledge of the state of international health, global trends of morbidity and mortality of diseases in the era of globalization;
- skills, experience and sensitivity to face and solve responsibly the priority problems related to health from an ethical, preventive, diagnostic, prognostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative point of view;
- ability to communicate clearly and through a humanistic approach with the patient and his family, even in international and multicultural contexts;
- ability to identify the health problems of the community by intervening in a competent manner, based on the principles of effectiveness and appropriateness of clinical practice;
- capability of active role in group activity involving different health professionals also within international and multicultural contexts;
- knowledge of methodology and culture appropriate to the practice of lifelong learning;
- knowledge of methods and capability of critical evaluation for participating  to scientific activities run by research teams.
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