F&B 2023. The event gives useful information for students' career. Freshmen students will be provided with a welcome token and students with the best academic career will receive an award. Finally, the “Inaugural White Coat Ceremony” will take place

Freshman & Beyond 2023 – March 1st, 2023

Freshmen and Beyond is the annual event organized by the International Medical School of the University of Messina (UniMe-IMS) entirely dedicated to students. It aims at providing useful information to develop students' awareness for their next goals and to facilitate the regular continuation of their studies.
This event will furnish fundamental information for all students starting from freshmen to all subsequent years concluding with the undergraduates.

After the welcome address of the Prof. Salvatore Cuzzocrea, Rector of the University of Messina, Prof. Giuseppe Santoro, Coordinator of the UniMe-IMS, will provide general information on the logistical, bureaucratic and administrative organization of the Course, as well as assistance, cultural and educational-training information. He will also show the different opportunities provided by the Course to facilitate academic carrier and main rules to respect for preventing student dispersion and delay in studies.

Mr. Giuseppe Lucchese, Head of UniME International Mobility Unit. Why it is important to carry out an international mobility? What is the added value of spending a study period abroad for a future physician? The presentation answers these questions and shows the international opportunities for UniME students.

Mr. Renato Carnevale, Local Exchange and Research Officer SISM-Messina, will describe the association that joins medical students throughout Italy aiming at strengthening and enriching the student profile through educational and practical activities. SISM acts as an active member of the IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations), the main international network for medical students. Through this cooperation, SISM members have access to traineeship experiences at international medical institutions.

Prof. Filippo Benedetto, UniMe Rectoral Delegate for Residency Programs, will focus on the possibility to combine work and studies with your passion related to a specific medical field. Precisely, he will illustrate the numerous choices regarding the Specialization Schools offered to the graduated students.

Marco Ferlazzo, MD, President of the Multi-specialist Clinical Institute COT-Messina (that proposes healthcare for both Italian and international patients), will describe several opportunities offered by the private hospitals, particularly the quick employment in the medical field.

At the end of the event, freshmen students will be provided with a welcome token. Moreover, the student with the best academic career of the second, third, fourth and fifth year will receive an award presented by the Institutional Bodies.

To conclude the event, the Student Ambassador Program Poli Unit will organize a new format – The “Inaugural White Coat Ceremony” as a rite of passage of a medical student from pre-clinical to clinical subjects. This year the ceremony will be dedicated not only to 3rd year students, but also to 4th and 5th year ones since they could not benefit from it due to COVID restrictions. More information about this will be provided by SAP.

This event will be held in presence thanks to the end of the most severe covid restrictions, finally.

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