The guidance and tutoring activity take place at two different levels of organization: one at an international level and one at a local level.
At an international level, the U. Org. “International Mobility” of the University of Messina – supported by the Coordinator (master.medicinesurgery@unime.it) and the Referent for Guidance and Tutoring (giacomo.fiumara@unime.it​) – constantly promotes the growing number of English-taught study programmes (https://international.unime.it/study-with-us/study-courses-in-english/). The U. Op. “Welcome Office” of the University of Messina, with its multilingual staff, supports international students interested in enrolling at our institution by providing useful information concerning the enrollment procedures, the issuance of the Visa and the stay permit and facilitating the process of finding a suitable accommodation in Messina. The U. Op. “Welcome Office” also provides assistance to international students along their entire academic life (https://international.unime.it/study-with-us/international-relation-unit/).
At a local level, the University of Messina is committed to: helping students to choose the study program that best suits their needs, talent and expectations; ensuring a tutoring service and practical assistance for students preventing their dispersion and delay in studies; promoting a fruitful and active participation within the university life; supporting graduates to successfully manage their transition from university to the world of work thanks to the activity carried out by the "Orientation and Placement Center - COP UNIME" (http: // www.unime.it/it/centri/cop), which provides services in line with the current regulatory framework.
In order to enhance the orientation and mentoring activity and according to the Didactic Regulation of the Course of Study in Medicine and Surgery (art. 15 “Orientation and Tutoring”), Prof. Giacomo Fiumara has been appointed as Referent for Guidance and Tutoring (giacomo.fiumara@unime.it​). Moreover, each professor in its own role of Tutor supports students throughout their training path, guiding and motivating them, and facilitating their active participation within the educational process;  these goals are achieved by removing the obstacles to a profitable attendance of courses and by means of initiatives which take into consideration the needs and attitudes of individuals
Moreover further support is provided by the "Student Ambassador Program", a novel division dedicated to the internationalisation of the student community here at the University of Messina. The aim is: a) to increase the recruitment of international prospects and diversify the student base, b) to provide assistance to currently and newly enrolled students, c) to provide information and guidance in a peer to peer modality through the UniBuddy Chat and Blog functions. This service can be accessed through https://international.unime.it/2021/12/09/student-ambassador-programme/ Finally, the UniME-IMS organizes the event of ongoing orientation “Freshman & Beyond” to develop students' awareness for their next goals and to facilitate the regular continuation of their studies. Click the following link to find out the contents of the 2021 event: https://www.unime.it/it/node/141332


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