Obiettivi VP Ji-Dong Gu

The aim is to involve students in the field of Environmental and Applied Microbiology to be exposed to a different way of teaching and learning with focus on unique topics from the other side of the world. The proposed activities (seminars and lectures) will be the first step in order to start a closer collaboration between the University of Messina and The University of Hong Kong (China) that should foreseen active exchange programs for students and teachers in the near future.
Research in the general topic of Microbiology can be applied to a widely different habitats worldwide that could be a promising specialization for the students in order to find a qualified and interesting job worldwide in the future.
1st Level students in Biological Sciences:
Lectures inserted in the General Microbiology courses (A-K, L-Z) during the 2nd week of stay:
Topic: Principles of Microbiology applied to Bioremediation 5Hrs
2nd Level students in Biology and BEAMC.
Lectures inserted in the Microbial Ecology course, during the 3rd week of the stay.
Topic: Environmental Toxicology and Molecular aspects of Soil and Water Bioremediation. 6 hrs
Doctorate of Applied Biology and Experimental Medicine
1 Seminar during the 4th week of the stay
Title: Methods in the field of Environmental Toxicology and Bioremediation 2 hrs
For all students SB, including Biotechnology and Health Biotechnology courses : (during the first week of the stay)
Topic: Bioremediation and biotechnology 2 hr
Frontal lectures and seminars will be organized to promote the scientific debate and to formulate new researches and experimental design in the field of Microbiology applied to the environment. The teacher will share his own experience and results in different field of Applied Microbiology
The general subjects for lectures and seminars will include environmental microbiology, environmental toxicology, and also remediation, three courses and the proposed specific topics/titles are: - anaerobic ammonium oxidation microorganisms
and their applications in wastewater treatments - anaerobic methane-oxidizing bacteria in coastal and marine ecosystems: detection and distribution - microbial degradation of the endocrine-disrupting plasticizers: microorganisms and the biochemical processes - biodeterioration of plastics and engineering polymeric materials: what are the scientific questions and pitfalls? - Microbial ecotoxicology as a new proposed research field for environmental research - microbial colonization and destruction of Angkor monuments in Cambodia: 15+ years of work - microbiology of subsurface oil reservoirs: the biochemical processes for methane production - microbial reduction of CO2 to methane with different sources of electron donors - phytoremediation of metals and metalloids for cleaning up contaminated sites - reproductive toxicology: protect the future generations from pollutants - are our research results correct: a philosophical debate

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