B1 Italian Language course

The achievement of a B1 Italian certificate is required by the teaching regulations. Students who are not native Italian speakers and have no basic level of Italian required for admission must acquire a minimum level of the Italian language at the B1 level to guarantee productive learning during the professional activities with Italian speaking patients starting in the third year. Students who already have a B1 level in Italian don't have to attend any additional course. 
The University of Messina organizes Italian courses for all foreign students enrolled in Medicine and Surgery. The course starts on the second semester of the first year and continues during the second year, according to a schedule that does not affect the university career. At the end of the second year, there is the final exam which will attest the achievement of the B1 (CEFR) level.
Please, go to this link for the information: https://international.unime.it/services-and-facilities/learning-italian-2/ 
For further enquiries, please contact Prof. Fabio Ruggiano: fabio.ruggiano@unime.it

Rosetta Stone

Dear Students,
since December 2020 the University of Messina has been using Rosetta Stone, a foreign language learning software completely free of charge for its students.
Your Degree Program requires you to achieve a B1 level by performing a minimum of 75 hours of on-line attendance (i.e. 25 hours for each ECTS) equal to 3 ECTS.
You can make use of the software at any time of your day and it will be a useful and effective tool for a productive learning during professional activities at the patient’s bed starting in the third year.
Once logged in, you will be required to take a placement test to assess your real 'incoming' skills or before the scheduled study time.
After logging in, the system allows you to set your goals, choose the goal that has been created for you – ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSE-
It is essential to carry out the placement test by dedicating an hour, without distractions, as incorrect 'placement ' in the wrong level will affect the entire learning path.
It should be emphasized that the placement tests are not an exam and are not evaluative, therefore, it is essential that it is carried out in an absolutely honest way for the success of the learning goal. If you cheat, you’re cheating yourself.
The test is divided into four phases and the questions, often multiple choice, are supposed to detect grammar, reading and listening comprehension skills of each student.
At the end of the test, the platform, based on the correct answers, places you at a level from which you will begin your path to reach the skills of the required level.
To optimize learning, it is highly recommended to use the platform for no more than one hour a day and also to identify a time of day in which to dedicate to learning the language in a proper and suitable environment.
The platform has an initial level (Foundations) and a more advanced level (Fluency builder).
The first involves basic activities and is more structured, so it is advisable to start with lesson 1 and continue in the order already provided by the platform, while the second level is more 'free' and you will select the topics that interest you most.
If your placement test puts you in ‘Foundations’ you need to perform the activities of the Learning Units and, once completed, you can mail your support group asking an ‘upgrade’ so to move to ‘Fluency Builder’.
Obviously, once moved in ‘Fluency Builder’ we highly suggest that you select the courses related to your discipline, Health and Medicine, that will show plenty of real situations that may occur in daily working routine and that will be extremely helpful to deal with patients in the hospital wards.
 A support group will be available  unimestone.biomorf@unime.it  in  case you need assistance. Use only your institutional address.
At the end of your hours you will have to inform the support group that you have reached your goal and, after requesting the verification of hours, you have the opportunity to take the final exam in the first available session at a university laboratory according to the indications provided by the department.
Moreover, if you successfully pass your test you will have 3 ECTS recognized by your University Degree Course Council.
Recommended browsers
For Windows Desktop devices, the recommended Browser is Google Chrome updated to the latest versions. For mobile devices, we strongly recommend the use of the appropriate Apps (Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages and Rosetta Stone: Fluency Builder) available for free in Google and Apple stores.
For further information about the use of Rosetta Stone here is the link: https://sway.office.com/24leGrhlhGzEpCOU?ref=Link

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